Numerology & the Energy of Numbers

15 September

Little Garden Gnome

What is Numerology? Numerology is the analysis of the energy of numbers, specifically one’s date of birth, and the associated numerical values given to the letters of the alphabet, specifically one’s name. Numerology also examines such numbers and their extraordinary effects on one’s life and associated energy vibrations, along with the interpretation of such information to provide insight and guidance.

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My Life’s Learning into the Energy of Numbers

Recalling my very first memories I retrace being immersed in curiosity about nature and what created the “universe,” … the stars, the grass, bugs, dogs, cats, and how I came to be.

I imagined what I would be like if I were born in another place or some other distant time. What would be the same, what would be different?

Being My Mother’s Daughter

Sandy Breckenridge

Never swat a fly, Mama!

I remember telling my mother she should never kill a fly, commenting how she wouldn’t like it very much if something so vast just came out of nowhere and swatted her.

When I was 4 or 5 while playing in the grass as my mother gardened nearby I received what seemed like a “download of a past life.” I knew I had to share what I saw in my vision.

At the time I was the mom and my mother was my little girl. She was such a good daughter and helped me take care of her 4 other brothers and sisters. I shared how I was very big breasted and large in stature. I wore a blue farm type dress with a big apron and was outside washing clothes in a big wooden tub that sat on an old wooden table. There was a wide, smoothly worn board that I used to rub the clothes on to get them clean.

All the kids where nearby either playing in the dirt, hanging onto my dress, or assisting me with washing the clothes … the story went on for a couple of minutes, then like a flash I popped out of this trace and looked up and declared, “Wait a minute! I am the little girl now and you are the mom.” The off I went to the next thing that got my attention and that was that. I can still recall this memory and all its detail to this day.

By telling this story its my hope to convey that as a child I always had a sense that we are much more than we seem to be, and that magic and mystery was all about!

3 Magic Words

Besides loving to garden, my mom use to spend time at the kitchen table reading metaphysical topics such as astrology or sharing what psychic sense she had that day of things to come.

She certainly had a “6th sense.” Her grandmother did, too. Most of my siblings are very sensitive in their own unique ways.


Original Cover

The first book that peaked my interest on the topic of  “Who Am I” was given to me at age 13 by my mother. She received it from her father. The title: “Three Magic Words.” I carefully digested it chapter by chapter and had quite a few “ahha” moments, but it also left me wanting more.

Growing up in a non-traditional home in a rural mountain setting offered a simple lifestyle. I would escape to the elements of nature that guided me: the wild animals, waterways, forests, trees, insects, plants, along with my best friend, a half wolf dog. I probably learned more from examining nature and my dog than I did from the little parental supervision I received.

By the time I was given 3 Magic Words it seemed to reaffirm what nature had already revealed: That we are all connected in a vibrational universe and that most anything could be possible.

A Way of Life

In my later teens and early twenties I read a very long list of books covering topics you would find at any Theosophical Society or philosophy, metaphysical, or occult section of any bookstore.

Thought provoking authors like Alan Watts, Lao Tzu (The Tao), Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), Blavatsky, P. D. Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Hugh Prather, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh I found completely fascinating. I migrated to motivational authors like Zig Ziglar. About the only text books that didn’t peak my interest were from organized religion. Religion seemed to separate us into whose right and whose wrong and felt so human, controlling, and scary … so far from the way I perceived the nature of reality, which was all encompassing and universal.

I still like to read, but now topics that interest me run the gambit from quantum physics and theory to magic, and that of ancient civilizations to time travel and parallel realities. (Yes, I loved Star Trek!)

The Art of Divination

Getting back to my mom. She was actually the very first person to introduce me to divination tools. She taught me “to read” a deck of playing cards, which at the time was called “fortune telling.” I use to tease those I read for that I played with a Full Deck!


Pythagoras Teaching

In my early 30s I continued to gobble up occult topics and learned Chirognomy and Chirogmacy (Study of the Hands), Pythagorean Numerology, the I Ching and Runes. I found that most anything can become a divination tool once you develop intuitive listening skills! Eventually with the help of my life partner we created a powerful Intuition Course to assist anyone in learning how to develop their intuitive senses for inner guidance.

In my earlier days of providing intuitive guidance the tools I used most were Playing Cards and Numerology. Over the span of a couple decades I read for thousands of people. I added them all up one day – over 20,000 readings!

With the support of my life partner, Kirk in the mid 90’s I also began trance channeling. With his guidance while in hypnotic trance I found I had a deep connection to what I term the heart tone, or “the vibration of all our hearts!” (Another fascinating story.) We published a website with hundreds of pages offering practical and spiritual wisdom we received on most any topic for free!

“The wisdom of all our hearts” became like another member of our home who was always present and to this day has become an inner guide offering daily insight for living practical spirituality (a non-dualistic approach to love, life, and happiness) and mindfulness (heart/mind balance).

The Energy of Numbers

Energy of NumbersThrough many years of practice I developed my own style of sensing into the vibrational energy of numbers. I  found Numerology provided a beneficial and foundational tool for assisting clients in body/heart/mind balance.

After distilling every Numerology book I could find I eventually blended the science of numbers into my unique style of reading and found best practices for empowering my clients.  I developed a unique study course, and a complete self-help Numerology eBook for those interested in learning more and sharing the science with others.

A Numerology reading will support a client in integrating various facets of their unique nature and enhance trust in their innate skills. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Numerology, learn what others have shared on my Numerology Testimonial page.

icon-heart-redWith Love,
— Sandy